Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to anticipate, and answer many of the questions we think you may have about our Travel Insurance policies. However, if you have a question that has not been covered in this FAQs section, please contact us.

Q. Who provides the Travel Insurance?

A. Primary Insurance is a trading name of UK General Insurance Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales Company No. 4506493. Registered Office: Cast House, Old Mill Business Park, Gibraltar Island Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS10 1RJ.

If you are over 55 or have a pre-existing medical condition then cover is provided by Primary Insurance in association with Ltd. Both Primary Insurance and Primary Insurance In association with Ltd are sold by UK General Insurance Ltd and are provided by Ancile Insurance Group Ltd. Both UK General Insurance Ltd and Anclie Insurance Group Ltd are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All Travel Insurance policies are underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities and Insured by Union Reiseversicherung AG, UK.

Q. Are there any policy exclusions and conditions?

A. The policy exclusions and conditions for our Travel Insurance policies can be found in the Policy Document - you can view and download a copy of the Policy Document here.

Q. Am I eligible to take out Travel Insurance?

A. Provided that you are permanently resident in the United Kingdom and registered with a Medical Practitioner in the United Kingdom then you are eligible to take out Travel Insurance with Primary. To purchase any insurance product you must be at least 18 years of age.

Q. Can I take out Travel Insurance if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

A. Primary Insurance in association with bring customers with pre-existing medical conditions access to comprehensive yet competitively priced travel insurance. Getting an quote is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes online - Click here to get a quote.

Q. Do the Annual Multi Trip Insurance policies cover Winter Sports?

A. We offer Winter Sports cover with our Annual Travel Insurance and Single Trip Travel Insurance Comprehensive and Premier policies for a small additional premium. Please select the Winter Sports option when you get a quote and take a look at page 14 of the Policy Documents for full details of this cover.

Q. Do Winter Sports fall under the Hazardous Sports category?

A. Primary Insurance’s Winter Sports cover provides cover for a range of winter related sporting activities including downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and curling. For a full list of activities included please see page 14 of the Comprehensive and Premier Policy Documents.

Please note a number of winter related sporting activities fall under Hazardous Activities categories C & D. If you plan to undertake any activities not listed within the Winter Sports cover, you must add the required Hazardous Activity Category to your cover. For further details please see the “Hazardous Pursuits” section of the Policy Documents.

Q. Is Baggage covered?

A. Primary offers Personal Effects and Baggage cover on all its Travel Insurance products. Select the level of baggage cover you require by choosing between the Essentials, Comprehensive and Premier cover levels.

Q. Are the Canary Islands and Turkey classed as Europe?

A. The Canary Islands and Turkey are classed as Europe.

Q. How do I make a claim?

A. For information on how to make a claim on your Primary Travel Insurance policy, please see our Making a Claim section.

Q. Do you cover Repatriation?

A. Repatriation is covered under the Emergency Medical Expenses section of the policy. Before any arrangements for repatriation are made, you must contact the Emergency Assistance company, the details of which are in your Policy Document.

Q. I’ve bought a policy and want to change my details.

A. If you bought your policy before 16/11/2011 please email

If you bought your policy after 16/11/2011 please email

Q. Can I cancel my Travel Insurance?

A. There is a 14 days cooling off period, if you cancel your policy within this time period you will receive a full refund provided you have not travelled or made a claim.

To cancel a policy bought before 16/11/2011 please email

To cancel a policy bought after 16/11/2011 please email

Q. Do I need to take my policy documents with me when I go away?

A. Yes - The policy documents sent to you contain important policy information, claims instructions and relevant contact details. We therefore recommend that you take your policy documentation with you when you go away.