Packing for your holiday

Some people enjoy packing for their holiday; it’s part of the build up and helps them get in the holiday mood.

For others packing is just a necessary evil and not a very pleasant experience. That’s why we’ve put together a few hints and tips to help the build up to your holiday go smoothly.

Give Yourself Time

It sounds obvious but giving yourself enough time is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t fall in to some of the major packing pitfalls.

Leaving packing to the very last minute inevitably results in packing far more than you actually needed or not packing some of the vital essentials that you needed for your trip.

Packing the right things means that not only will you have everything you need with you, but everything you take with you will be easy to find and you won’t have to carry around excessively heavy luggage.

The Packing List

A packing list is guaranteed to make sure that you don’t set off on your travels and leave something vital at home. If the thought of putting this together yourself is excruciating, then there are lots of lists available online that you can download and print for free.

Make sure it Matches

Packing as much as you can in to your suitcase is not going to guarantee that you have all the clothes you need with you. Instead try laying each day’s outfit out on your bed, this will help you ensure that you actually go away with clothes that go together and it will also help you to not over-pack as you’ll be able to use certain pieces of clothing in multiple outfits.

Buddy Up

With airlines becoming increasingly strict when it comes to luggage, it can make life easier and often cheaper to try and travel with just the things you need. If you’re travelling with others then one way of achieving this it to Buddy Up i.e. share certain items. For example items such as shampoo, shower gel, aftersun and first-aid kits are all the kind of items that can be shared.

Leave Space

More often than not, many of us like to bring back souvenirs from our holiday or bring back presents for friends and family. Again airlines are becoming stricter on the number of items of hand luggage that you can have as well as their size and weight. If you think that you’ll be bringing items back with you it can be a good idea to leave room for this in your main luggage when you’re packing.